Andre Automotive provides a complete mobile pre-purchase service. Whether you’re buying a car, selling, or wanting an end of warranty inspection, we can help you solve those problems. We will provide you with a complete and comprehensive report.

We will spend quality time on your car to provide you with a detailed report and once we have finished our inspection, we will explain the outcome of our report, run through of any potential problems, offer advice and answer any inquiries you have in mind. We can also carry out any necessary repairs.

why choose Andre Automotive?

Great service comes with a great price:
We provide an on-site service, to reduce your inconvenience.
We offer you itemized quotes before any work commences.
We make sure that you are in control of your service costs.
We are equipped to do all standard car servicing, non-urgent repairs and diagnostics.
We protect your peace of mind:
We offer a standard 3 month/5,000km warranty on all parts and labor.
We stamp your logbook.
We only use high-quality parts.
We furnish our vans with a full range of tools and equipment
Best of all?!!
We are not an automotive club. You do not have to pay for yearly fees. You will only pay for the work you need!

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