Andre Automotive can perform any mobile car repairs on all brake repairs or replacements. Whether your brakes are grinding, squealing, vibrating, worn out, pulling to one side, has a low brake pedal, or handbrake is coming up high, we are equipped to help you out.brake repairs

We will replace your brake pads if those are below minimum thickness. We will measure the disc rotor thickness if the disc brake rotor surface is not true. We will machine disc rotors if it is above minimum specification. We will replace the rotors with new ones if it is equal or below minimum specification. We can also overhaul or replace the brake caliper if brake calipers are worn or sticky, or you have uneven wear on the brakes.

We will bleed the brake system and make sure the brake fluid is at the right level once all the parts are fitted.

Andre Automotive can repair or replace the brake pads, brake shoes, master cylinder, disc rotors, brake drums, brake caliper, wheel bearing, wheel cylinders and brake line/hose with our fully equipped mobile car repair service.

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